Wakachangi Cooler Bag

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Introducing the ultimate accessory for the beach, batch, boat or BBQ. Heads will turn when you enter your beer drinking arena accompanied by the custom made Thermal insulated cooler bag in the exact replica image of your favourite beer box. But wait there’s more! Not only will this bag grab everyones attention & be the talking point of the day & evening but they will be amazed to see that your Wakahangi 12 pack beer box fits exactly inside to ensure its safety during transits down gravel roads, long beaches & ocean sea swells.

These highly sought after & collectable cooler bags are ready for dispatch in mid December, so get your orders in quickly as Uncle Kenny hates to see disappointed fans.

Customer Reviews

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Great bag


Wakachangi Cooler Bag

Quite Nice Beer Merchandise...

Gifts for my son for Christmas, he was stoked to get such quality merchandise, apparently his flat mate will be pissed off he didn't get any!! He is a student in Christchurch and cant afford the more expensive beers so Wakachangi it is. We will be buying more products in the future.

Cooler bag

Hubby loved the bag! And just the right size for a 12 pack :) great present!

Cooler bag+ Apron

Versatile, wounding, great. Just like the New Zealanders at Wakachangi these three adjectives perfectly describe the cooler bag and apron combo. Since their arrival they have been party to some dismal chat at the cricket, seriously fast cooking in the kitchen and the overconsumption of Wakachangi. Great uncle Kenny would be proud of these products. Rating 69/100 (noice)
Warning: security guards at the cricket will pat you down if you have either of these products

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